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Joseph M. Landry, President

William G. Price, Senior Technical Consultant 
Mr. Price is the founder and past president of Petrophysical Solutions, Inc. A petrophysicist with over 36 years of comprehensive and diverse petrophysical and geological experience, he has worked extensively with all aspects of log interpretation, the integration of log data with geological and engineering data, operations, and wellsite geology. Mr. Price also has significant experience with integrated field studies involving multi-disciplinary teams. His other skills include advanced expertise with old electric logs, including Russian logs, and he is recognized as an authority on and instructor of petrophysical methodologies and database applications. Mr. Price, a registered geologist in Texas, is active in professional associations developing best-practice standards for petrophysics. His previous experience includes consulting, software development, operations and exploration and development. His professional affiliations include AAPG, HGS, and SPWLA.

Randy G. Mitchell, Senior Technical Consultant
Randy has worldwide petrophysical and pore pressure experience in a variety of basins / formations.  His focus for the past few years has been on unconventional reservoirs.  He has 40 years’ experience with Conoco in Houston and Norway, Hamilton Brothers in Denver, and Hess Corporation in Houston.  He specializes in integrating many data types to develop a holistic view of the reservoir.  He has extensive field study, rock physics, reservoir characterization, and training skills.  Randy is a Texas A&M Geology graduate and an active member in SPWLA.

Thomas A. Gray, Senior Technical Consultant
A petrophysicist with over 25 years of experience in domestic and international basins, Mr. Gray has extensive knowledge of geology, geophysics, and reservoir engineering including formation evaluations, field studies, well evaluations, coring and analysis, reservoir pressure interpretation, and modeling. He has organized and managed several large-scale petrophysical evaluations involving active drilling programs and has field experience with open- and cased-hole well logging. His previous work experience includes major oil and wireline firms and his professional affiliations include AAPG and SPWLA.

Mike Poulin, Senior Technical Consultant
Mr. Poulin has over 35 years’ experience in petrophysics and well logging.  He has previously held positions with Cities Service, Occidental Petroleum, Schlumberger, and Unocal.  His career began as a well logging engineer (onshore Gulf of Mexico, USA).  His subsequent petrophysical roles have included drillship operations petrophysicist in the deep water GOM, East Texas tight gas evaluation, and numerous international projects and responsibilities (Asia, Middle East, Far East, and Africa).  From 2005 to 2013 he was responsible for the petrophysical aspects of large carbonate field models (Permian Basin, USA).  Mike is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts.  He holds degrees in geology from the University of Houston and in environmental studies from Colby College.

Richard M. Ostermeier, Senior Technical Consultant
Dr. Ostermeier is a senior petrophysicist with over 32 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.  Over 31 of those years were spent with Shell in various operations, research and management positions.  His primary interests are in the areas of technology development and application.  For example, he led Shell’s deep-reading EM project to a successful proof-of-concept.  His work runs the gamut of petrophysics from EOR and CO2 sequestration project planning, evaluation and monitoring to research on carbonate and diatomite evaluation, cased-hole logging, rock properties and mechanics, and open-hole wireline and LWD log response, theory, and interpretation.  In his work on the Shallow Water Flow (SWF) control problem in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, he used LWD resistivity logs to infer the presence of massive washouts in the shallow sands at the first Ursa TLP site.  This contributed to the universal acceptance and application of the so-called “pump and dump” drilling technique for drilling the shallow sediments.  In the area of rock properties he led the experimental investigation that first explained the large variation in stress behavior among what appeared to be very similar turbidite reservoirs in the deep water Gulf of Mexico.  He holds a B.S. degree in engineering physics from the University of Illinois and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from the University of Chicago.  Professional affiliations include SPWLA, SCA, SPE and SEG.  He received the SPWLA Distinguished Service Award in 2007.

Allan Smith, Senior Technical Consultant
Mr. Smith is a petrophysicist and geologist with over 35 years’ experience in the oil industry as both a geologist and a petrophysicist with major and independent oil companies (Phillips Petroleum, Getty Oil, Tom Brown, Inc., and Oxy) and small and large service companies (Western Atlas, Fronterra Geosciences).  He has domestic and international petrophysical experience in both conventional (clastic and challenging carbonate reservoirs) and unconventional reservoirs.  One of his most recent projects was the analysis of more than 120 wells in the Avalon/Bone Springs/Wolfcamp rocks of the Delaware Basin of West Texas.  One of his current focus areas includes the analysis of recently drilled wells penetrating the Pennsylvanian and Mississippian carbonates and sandstones of the US Midcontinent.  He is a member of AAPG, SPWLA, RMAG, and HGS.  Mr. Smith holds a BS degree in geology from Bucknell University and an MS degree in geological sciences from Cornell University.

Tad Smith, Senior Technical Consultant
Tad Smith is an expert in seismic rock properties and petrophysics.  He has held a variety of positions as geologist, petrophysicist, and manager at various companies, including Apache Corporation, Amoco, BP, Newfield Exploration, VeritasDGC, CGGVeritas, and ConocoPhillips.  From 1995 to 1996, he participated in the Amoco Petrophysics Training program, where he developed a keen interest in petrophysics and seismic rock properties (“seismic petrophysics”).  Since then he has been actively engaged in the process of integrating petrophysical data into geophysical work-flows.  In 2011, he was the North American Honorary Lecturer for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, with the topic of his tour being “Seismic Petrophysics.”  Tad was elected President of the Geophysical Society of Houston for the 2013-2014 term.  From 2010 to 2014 he served on the editorial board for The Leading Edge, a leading industry publication, and served as the Editorial Board Chair during the 2013-2014 term.  Tad has a PhD in Geology from Texas A&M University (1991), and MSc from Washington State University, and a BA from Ohio Wesleyan University.  He is a member of AAPG, SEG, SPWLA, GSH, and the HGS.

Megan Johnson, Senior Professional
Mrs. Johnson earned a masters degree in geological engineering and a bachelors in geoscience. She received petrophysical training in formation evaluation as an intern with two major oil companies. Megan has worked single-well and large multi-well studies at PSI with experience in managing extensive project databases. Her areas of work include multiple fields in Texas, Wyoming, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, California, Alaska, Gulf of Mexico, Greenland, Russia, Angola and Iraq. Megan is actively affiliated with AAPG and SPWLA.

Glenn E. Rayfield, Senior Professional
Twenty-three years experience as a petrophysicist and geologist in the petroleum industry. Strong background in the integration of geological, petrophysical, and production data. Extensive work in reservoir simulation studies. Domestic and international experience in comprehensive petrophysical evaluations of complex reservoirs, utilizing both workstation and PC based programs. Experience in development, reservoir, and operations geology, including reserve and acquisition evaluations. Excellent technical writing skills. Detail oriented, good team player, dependable.

Virginia Smellie, Senior Professional

Jeff Wu, Petrophysicist

Erin Mendiola, Geotech

Brad G. Jones, Marketing & Sales Representative


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