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TGS Purchases U.S. Onshore Petrophysical Log Database from Petrophysical Solutions, Inc.. learn more

PSI Teaches Introduction to Petrophysics to a Sold Out Crowd. Randy Mitchell, Sr. Petrophysicist with PSI, taught “Introduction to Petrophysics - A One-Day Short Course” to a sold out crowd at the Shell Woodcreek Complex on April 1, 2016. The event was hosted by the Houston Geological Society Continuing Education Committee.  Participants learned the basic why's and how-to of wireline log interpretation and analysis; how to calculate porosity and fluid saturations; and how to make sense of the results and begin to predict performance.  PSI routinely provides petrophysical training courses in a variety of different fields of petrophysics.  Learn more here.

Big Timesaver: PSI Releases Deepwater GOM Database Delivering sets of data curves that are more meaningful to geologists and geophysicists, PSI has released its 2500-plus well log database for sale. Geologists and geophysicists do not have extra time or they’d do many of these critical interpretations themselves. But project lists are longer and longer. The G&G team has more and more to do.  Now, the new PSI Gulf of Mexico well database gives all these professionals a big time-saver.

Best Practices in Petrophysics. Bill Price, president of PSI, and co-authors presented “An Overview of Recommended Petrophysical Practices” at a seminar entitled “Petroleum Reserves: Avoiding Write-downs.” The seminar was sponsored in Dallas by PTTC and in Houston by the Houston Geological Society. Other speakers spoke on best practices in geology and engineering and on reserve definitions and regulatory requirements throughout the year.

In-house Petrophysical Guidance and Support. Several majors, super-majors and independent oil companies rely on PSI for in-house petrophysical support. This includes peer reviews and due diligence on reserves reports, independent reviews of petrophysical practices and competencies, and mentoring. PSI works seamlessly with the clients’ internal teams and has delivered documented financial value to those clients.

PSI President Presents Ethics Talk at Baker Atlas. Bill Price, president of PSI, presented a talk titled “Ethical Challenges for Consultants” at the annual Baker Atlas Consultant Seminar, “Ethics: Putting It in Practice.” With 26 years of consulting experience as the founder and owner of PSI, Bill was one of three consulting practitioners chosen by Baker Atlas to speak at this seminar.