Discoveries Drive Value ™


PSI’s strengths are rock-solid – and proven around the world.  We conduct all aspects of petrophysical assessment – wellsite logging, processing and interpreting logs, integrating reservoir data into multidisciplinary evaluations.

  • PSI experts have worked in basins throughout the world, in reservoirs of all types, and with data of all types.
  • PSI staff members are petrophysicists with backgrounds in geology, engineering and geophysics.
  • PSI studies are rock-based, reconciling varied data in order to achieve a truly integrated product for our clients.
  • PSI staff continually refines and implements new workflows and best practices for petrophysical evaluations and delivers these efficient techniques for our clients.
  • PSI has extensive experience working in time-constrained bid rounds and data rooms.
  • PSI organizes and reconciles petrophysical databases with logs and reservoir data of different vintages and technologies.
  • PSI staff regularly works with and thoroughly understands old E-logs and Russian-style logs.