Discoveries Drive Value ™

“In deepwater reservoirs, integrated interpretations.”

Our growing Gulf of Mexico Database is another way PSI petrophysics can pay off.

Our collection of fully interpreted data, from over 2,500 wells (to date) in the Gulf of Mexico, prevents wrong answers and promotes right answers. Using it, geoscientists can focus on their own challenges, leaving high-quality petrophysics to the database.

As data is released, PSI interprets it. We create sets of data curves that are more meaningful to geologists and geophysicists, giving them the answers they’re looking for…faster.  In the GOM database, for example, you get:

  • Over 2,500 wells – and growing
  • Over 1,600 wells with mud log information
  • All released Core, MDT, and Paleo information
  • Velocity Surveys incorporated
  • Basic Pore Pressure calculations
  • Consistent curve names
  • Zero load-in problems
  • Values corrected for improper editing or problems during acquisition
  • Expert interpretations
  • Water saturation, total/effective porosity, shale volume included.

Time and Money Saved.  The key to successful use is experience – ours.  Count on our know-how and databases to deliver major time-savings: Call (281) 558-6066 today.