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In-House Staffing and Training

E&P companies who want to maximize return on their investment in today’s marketplace benefit from our on-site petrophysical expertise.

We provide our clients with highly experienced professionals, ready to become part of your in-house asset management team.  PSI experts are available for short-term projects or long-term assignments.

At the same time, PSI regularly works with our clients as in-house mentors, since our workflow experts design and adopt “best practices” workflows for petrophysical evaluations all the time. We customize the mentoring to meet the specific needs of our clients.

PSI’s in-house petrophysical training courses are available in different fields of petrophysics and are scheduled at the convenience of the client.  Customized for groups from 2 to 200, our classes cover:

  • Basic formation evaluation
  • Reserves
  • Russian log interpretation
  • Petrophysical workflow
  • “Lunch and Learns” at the request of the client