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Field Studies/Log Databases

The PSI team regularly performs integrated field studies and compiles quality-controlled petrophysical databases. Our studies range from a few wells to several thousand wells and often span 50 years of logging technology as well as multiple vendors. PSI interpretations are cross-disciplinary, incorporating production information, core data, mud logs, as well as other engineering and geophysical/geological data.

Our interpretations are consistent with a field’s geology and are not driven by logging vintage or logging vendor. PSI petrophysical studies are ready for reservoir simulation or geocellular modeling.


PSI databases are quality-controlled by experienced petrophysicists, knowledgeable in tool physics and geology, to assure the highest standards of data editing. By incorporating consistent mnemonics compliant with our clients’ internal nomenclature, our clients’ geoscientists become more efficient in the extraction process.

Finally, there are no black boxes with a PSI study – we document all processes and equations to ensure continuity of our client’s corporate knowledge.