Experienced PSI petrophysicists deliver single-well analysis, integrated field studies, seismic petrophysics, interpretations of large petrophysical databases and old log sets and other geophysical consulting capabilities.

“What can PSI tell us about the data?”

In every Age of Exploration, discoveries drive value. Even if these words never appeared in ancient maps or Renaissance geographies, they’re what PSI petrophysicists do today and every day.

PSI delivers Petrophysics that Pays Off™. It’s where our experience drives value, in the very real world. Everywhere in the world.

Welcome to PSI. Oil & gas companies worldwide (maybe even yours) put our experienced team to work. We develop clear, consistent and useful interpretations of rock and fluid information for all types of hydrocarbon plays. We work hard to tell customers a lot more about their data. Find out for yourself: Call (281) 558-6066 today.


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