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The answer to “Where do we go next?”

PSI’s newest product offerings are for Onshore US Basins.  Created by experts with in-depth area experience, these datasets include: 

  • Fully edited log datasets, QC’d and consistently named – available in LAS file format for quick and easy loading
  • Fully interpreted results data including clay volume, total porosity, total water saturation, TOC, hydrocarbon index, mineral volumes, mechanical properties (where possible), and five component petrofacies – contained in LAS files
  • Interpretation built around well log – core analysis relationships in multiple wells across basin.  Core data is NOT INCLUDED in products.
  • Customized summaries available on various reservoir properties such as facies, hydrocarbon pore volumes, etc.

Advantages of using these databases include: 

  • Quick recon tool in Hydrocarbon Index (where available)
  • PSI level of expertise
    • Trusted experts in petrophysics
    • Hundreds of years of experience brought to task
  • Petrofacies Layering Properties – Thickness and distribution (where available)
    • Useful for guidance in where to go next, both in terms of acreage acquisition and landing point
  • Formation Tops Provided

Benefits enjoyed by Clients include:

  • Free up internal staff time by eliminating the “grunt work” involved in petrophysical analysis
  • Ready-to-go library of data of cleaned up data with valuable interpretations can help guide on where to go next

Datasets ready for delivery include (click on name for brochure):

  • Midland Basin – 180 fully interpreted wells, plus 800 HCNDX wells
  • Delaware Basin – 200 wells
  • SCOOP/STACK – 350 wells
  • San Juan/Mancos – 180 wells
  • DJ Basin/Niobrara – 190 wells
  • Powder River Basin – coming soon!
  • Marcellus/Utica – coming soon!
  • Eagle Ford – coming soon!
  • Haynesville – coming soon!
  • Bakken – coming soon!

Detailed Petrophysical Analysis Example