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“In deepwater reservoirs, integrated interpretations.”

Our growing Gulf of Mexico Rock Physics Database is another way PSI petrophysics can pay off.

PSI Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Rock Physics database currently consists of over 200 wells, each of which has been edited and modeled for the purpose of seismic integration.


PSI’s Rock Physics Database includes:

  • Wells that have been fully edited for the purpose of seismic integration and rock property analysis
  • P-Wave velocities extended to surface
  • Shear logs properly edited and/or estimated
  • Fluid substitutions for major sands in each well
  • Ability to quickly evaluate seismic rock properties on a regional or local basis
  • Ability to quickly evaluate AVO responses in any given area
  • Potential uses for machine learning and AI

        Quickly evaluate Half-space models    Quickly explore trends

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