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“The entire Gulf of Mexico – at your fingertips.”

PSI’s newest development for the GOM is our Formation Properties Catalog™ which summarizes all wells from our Gulf of Mexico Database, breaking out all sand and shale properties, and includes: mud log information, geophysical rock properties, net pays, porosities, etc.  Using TIBCO’s Spotfire, virtually any formation properties can be compared or visualized in seconds.

What is it? A compiled database of measured and computed log properties from PSI’s high quality GOM Database (over 2,000 wells).

Why do you need it? 

  • Exploration Managers
    • Quick and accurate analog search capability
    • High level formation evaluation properties from any GOM basin available immediately at your fingertips
    • Significantly improved efficiencies from other groups within the team
  • Petrophysicists
    • Ideal reference data for all petrophysical data needs
  • Basin Modelers
    • Ideal for trend modeling (RHOB, DTC, Temp)
  • Geoscientists
    • Presentation-ready graphics for immediate capture
    • Compare seismic attributes between sands and bounding shales
  • Engineers
    • Reservoir – Valuable offset porosity and saturation data
    • Drilling – Pore pressure and mud weight planning

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Time and Money Saved.  The key to successful use is experience – ours.  Count on our know-how and interpreted well log databases to deliver major time-savings: Call (281) 558-6066 today.